What Is Polysomnography?

sleep studiess

Polysomnography is a technical term for a sleep study. The test tracks and records many sleep elements while a person sleeps, including:

  • oxygen levels in the blood

  • brain waves

  • eye and leg movements

  • heart rate and respirations

While polysomnography is one of the most widely used kinds of sleep studies, it’s not the only one. The Resmed Apnealink Air sleep study is a popular at-home sleep study.

  • Will I Have To Go To A Sleep Lab?

    No! We generally take the approach that we would like to facilitate a home sleep study whenever medically appropriate. Most patients not only find a home sleep test easier to perform, but they prefer to undergo testing in the comfort of their own home. 

    If for some reason Dr. Jain feels you would not be a candidate for a home sleep study, he will be sure to have a discussion with you in regards to why there is a need for more formal sleep testing. 

  • Conditions

    Doctors often don’t diagnose sleep disorders solely on the basis of a sleep study, but studies can provide  insights that can indicate a potential diagnosis or confirm a suspected one. Some of the conditions that sleep studies are used to diagnose are:

    • obstructive sleep apnea and other forms of sleep apnea

    • periodic limb movement disorder or restless leg syndrome

    • narcolepsy

    Sleep studies are NOT used to diagnose insomnia. 

    Most patients start with a consultation with a sleep specialist before scheduling a sleep study.

  • How Long Is A Sleep Study

    Most sleep studies that are used to diagnose conditions take a single night, although doctors may occasionally ask patients to go through more than one night of testing. Patients can ask beforehand how long their sleep study will be.

  • Home Sleep Apnea Test

    We utilize a variety of home sleep apnea testing equipment. We use FDA approved Home Sleep Testing Equipment. We can provide cutting edge, disposable, multi-night capable devices that are easy for patients to set up and use. The devices we use include the Resmed ApneaLink Air, The Ectosense Nightowl, and the Itamar Watchpat One.

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